Monday, December 10, 2007


so its officail i come home in 13 days! im alittle ashamed to say that i have been counting for a month in a half. i am so excited to see you all in the flesh. its gona be such a good christmas. i have not been this excited about christmas for years, so its a big deal. i am even enjoying christmas music... for all thoes who know me usually i shut it off really fast or just leave the room so its a big change. i am super stoked to see all of your kids and be able to hold and love all my nieces and nephews... i hope that they still remember their aunt leah. so i am counting the days keep me posted love you all.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

only 2 months!

hollar famila and lisa who needs to update her blog! j/k mines amazing. well i would just like to say that im all better i was sick for 2 weeks and it was serioulsy no fun! then i got some amazing medicine that saved me. so i am now a beliver in ups. i am comming home in 2 months less than that almost. i am so excited to see the babys that i hear are the cuttest things on the planet! so i am really excited i am just having fun. recently i went on a hayride, let me tell you it was 40 degrees. crazy person weather but great cuddle weather. Also their was a dance recently that was so much fun let me tell you im bringing sexy back! lol it was so much fun. I am curently not dating anyone at the moment, and am just going to school and working up a storm at good ol cracker barrell. I am just having so much fun with the old people and the early middle aged men. Ha. j/k my job is fun i am enjoying life its just really entertaing. well hope ya'll have a great day don a go a changin on me now. you know your red neck if you know what this means. jeet?

Monday, October 8, 2007

hey everybody

i just love looking at your blogs they make me feel closer to home! the pictures of all your kids are so cute, its fun to see them grow up! i loved the picture of blake he is sooo cute. lis im glad you had fun with annie and charlie. kim and katie keep posting i really want to see more pics. i am doing well just work and school.its getting fallish weather so that means that i need to shopp for clothes so much fun let me tell you. i hope you all are doing well love ya tons. be safe. ps i come home in 79 days i know long way off but whos counting.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


what can i say... i love it... i already fininshd it and reread my favorite parts. it took me like 8 hours to read. in one sense i agree with you lisa, but i just need to remember that i can reread over and over again .. well did you know that stephanie meyer is working on a book that is called forever dawn and will be written from edwards perspective... its amazing the first chapter is on her website. it is seriously amazing.. hold out katie.. all i can say is its amazing... love you all

Saturday, August 4, 2007

new stuff

i move into the apartment in 2 weeks or so and i need to get ready for school... life is crazy and im bored on a sartuday night.... i want to go dancing but they dont play what i like... bummer. also my job is lame... waitressing is so much fun! my mom and dad are coming out this weekend! i cant wait its gonna be so good to see them! and my truck penny is comming i love penny... so excited!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

the wonderfully exciting cracker barell job!

holla family,
cracker barrel is so much fun because i am a server their who hapily gets to listen to complaints of customers. besides that part my job is really fun, the people are nice and i can let off steam in the kitchen. Also i am moving into the apartment in like 2 weeks crazy because i still need to get everything setled. but i am happy and enjoying life. the singles ward is not like the movie much to my satisfaction. no dates but all is well becsuase who really cares about all that. love you guys have fun with the rain.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Fall Out Boy Concert

so heres the scoop there were 4 bands including fob, and they were way fun. so the concert starts and im thinking ok this is alright.. then they play dance dance and it was so fun i was grining like an idiot when they started. it was way good. and then they play other songs im jumping up and down and goin crazy. when some memebers of the band disapear..... so i turn around and pete wents and the other gutarist are like 10 feet from me i went crazy jumping up and down... omy he hot on pictures but in person WOW! so then its getting near the end and my section gets let down to the to the front my section was 203 row uu seat 10... it was amazing best concert expiericenc yet.. but their will be others.. so theirs the scoop.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

for the sistas

hey its me im computer retarded and it took me a while to figure stuff out but here i am. life is good so just job searching and cleaning and helping out david and kara. i went to singles ward and got to see what the apartment will look like and ive been hanging out with people. its been fun everyones really friendly and nice. and i dont feel like a piece of meat. lol its really humid here. in az you have dry heat, but here its like heavy air. its kinda cool because thunderstorms roll in really fast. and im learning about tornados, that when the sky turns green its realy bad. and that norman dosent really get tornados bc some indian tribe leaders blessed the land. so thats kinda cool. its realy green and wet but overall fun.

Sunday, June 17, 2007