Sunday, November 4, 2007

only 2 months!

hollar famila and lisa who needs to update her blog! j/k mines amazing. well i would just like to say that im all better i was sick for 2 weeks and it was serioulsy no fun! then i got some amazing medicine that saved me. so i am now a beliver in ups. i am comming home in 2 months less than that almost. i am so excited to see the babys that i hear are the cuttest things on the planet! so i am really excited i am just having fun. recently i went on a hayride, let me tell you it was 40 degrees. crazy person weather but great cuddle weather. Also their was a dance recently that was so much fun let me tell you im bringing sexy back! lol it was so much fun. I am curently not dating anyone at the moment, and am just going to school and working up a storm at good ol cracker barrell. I am just having so much fun with the old people and the early middle aged men. Ha. j/k my job is fun i am enjoying life its just really entertaing. well hope ya'll have a great day don a go a changin on me now. you know your red neck if you know what this means. jeet?