Saturday, August 11, 2007


what can i say... i love it... i already fininshd it and reread my favorite parts. it took me like 8 hours to read. in one sense i agree with you lisa, but i just need to remember that i can reread over and over again .. well did you know that stephanie meyer is working on a book that is called forever dawn and will be written from edwards perspective... its amazing the first chapter is on her website. it is seriously amazing.. hold out katie.. all i can say is its amazing... love you all

Saturday, August 4, 2007

new stuff

i move into the apartment in 2 weeks or so and i need to get ready for school... life is crazy and im bored on a sartuday night.... i want to go dancing but they dont play what i like... bummer. also my job is lame... waitressing is so much fun! my mom and dad are coming out this weekend! i cant wait its gonna be so good to see them! and my truck penny is comming i love penny... so excited!