Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long overdue update!

So a lot has happened since my last post. My husband and i got married on December 4 2009, we had a wonderful honeymoon in Maui. while in Maui we went zip lining, surfing, and a wonderful spa day for me, it was amazing. Now currently i am three months pregnant! we are very excited about having a little bundle of joy in our lives. My due date is October 28 and we find out the sex of the baby in a month. So a lot of exciting things have and are happening for us,we are planing on going on a few trips before the baby comes. we really don't mind what we are having as long as its a happy healthy baby. That's all for now.


Calli & Zac said...

Yesss Leah. Update more often pleeeaasee!!!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

How exciting congrats! so happy for you..