Friday, August 28, 2009

fun with lisa

shopping at seagul books store is oh so fun, b/c they have half priced goodies, and i love it! Now i feel refreshed and new, i love new clothes. How by buying a new article of clothing can make you feel so much better, clothes and shoes do that for me. it is for sure a weakness but a fun one at that.. i really love modest clothes the most.:)
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

its been forever

so it has been a while since i posted but, not much has changed. today was the big family dinner and i love it because its so nice to have everyone all in the same place with yummy food. i am working two jobs, and its nice b/c i get to stay busy and am able to help others and feel needed. i have been going out on lots of fun dates, my boyfriend and i went to the diamond backs game and that was alot of fun. we won so it was a win win situation. i am going to visit his family in Nebraska in about ten days I'm a little nervous but it will be a fun getaway and an over all good time. other than that i have been busy with work and friends.