Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Fall Out Boy Concert

so heres the scoop there were 4 bands including fob, and they were way fun. so the concert starts and im thinking ok this is alright.. then they play dance dance and it was so fun i was grining like an idiot when they started. it was way good. and then they play other songs im jumping up and down and goin crazy. when some memebers of the band disapear..... so i turn around and pete wents and the other gutarist are like 10 feet from me i went crazy jumping up and down... omy he hot on pictures but in person WOW! so then its getting near the end and my section gets let down to the to the front my section was 203 row uu seat 10... it was amazing best concert expiericenc yet.. but their will be others.. so theirs the scoop.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

for the sistas

hey its me im computer retarded and it took me a while to figure stuff out but here i am. life is good so just job searching and cleaning and helping out david and kara. i went to singles ward and got to see what the apartment will look like and ive been hanging out with people. its been fun everyones really friendly and nice. and i dont feel like a piece of meat. lol its really humid here. in az you have dry heat, but here its like heavy air. its kinda cool because thunderstorms roll in really fast. and im learning about tornados, that when the sky turns green its realy bad. and that norman dosent really get tornados bc some indian tribe leaders blessed the land. so thats kinda cool. its realy green and wet but overall fun.

Sunday, June 17, 2007